Inside the ECC walls

As you can see the building is coming along. Not as fast as we would have liked but there still is progress. The walls and floors are completed, they have begun work on the roof. Once the roof is completed then the inside should go fast.

CORRECTION: The contractor’s estimated time of completion is scheduled for January 1, 2017. The county anticipates taking possession of the building in early 2017. Once possession is given we will start outfitting the interior for operations. Our goal is to be up and operating July 2017.

County Executive Anthony Holt came by to check on the progress of the building.

Gotta to have a Hard Hat

newsletter4I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Ken Weidner for giving me this special gift this week. Mike Cook, IT received one too. We are required to wear hard hats if we want to be able to walk around on the construction site.

Here is the layout of the floor along with the consoles.

Thank you WATSON furniture for providing a rendering for us.


I have had several operators send emails with questions. So I thought I would share those with you.

1. Uniforms – YES – soft uniform type – Polo Shirt and 511 pants.

2. Pay/Benefits – Work in progress. TBA

3. Applications – We will need each operator that will be making the choice and commitment to be employed at the SCECC to fill out a Sumner County Application. We will not accept applications until 01/30/17. Reminder: per the Resolution agreement signed – current employees will be offered employment … but there will be a cut off/deadline set in the future, we need to know the exact number of employee moving over to establish operations.

4. Are we hiring new employees – If necessary, the ECC will be staff properly.

5. Schedules – Twelve (12) hour shifts and Ten (10) hour shifts.

6. Staffing – We will have nine to twelve (9 -12) operators for our minimum staff for each team. We may need to tweak once we get a better handle on call and radio volume, and other duties etc.

7. Management/Supervisory positions available – YES. Positions available are one (1) Operations Manager position, one (1) Administrative Agency Coordinator position (TAC Position with the additional responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant) and two (2) QA/QI/Training Supervisors and Six (6) Supervisor positions.

8. Job Descriptions/Task – They have been created/developed. Once I approve, we will post them for everyone.

9. Future Position Posting Info – We will be selecting Supervisors first – Tentatively Scheduled –Supervisor(s) positions – Posted on 01/30/17. Close Posting on 02/10/17. Interviews scheduled for week(s) of 02/13/17 and 02/24/17. Selection Date TBA

10. The selected supervisors will be involved in the start up of the new ECC. This will include creating new hire/lateral training program, developing/updating new CAD system, transitioning from current to new ECC department, etc.,

11. We will be conducting training for the new CAD System in April 2017. Subject to change.

12. In the process of developing General Orders and Standard Operating Procedures for the center. Once completed will forward to the agencies to start implementing.

13. Headsets – YES. We will have be utilizing wireless headsets. You will be required to wear a headset in the new center.

14. Informational Notebooks – Need 3 notebooks created for each Law enforcement, Fire and EMS. This will be contact numbers, information that each department utilizes that we may need. This information will be in CAD but if for some reason the CAD goes down we can grab the notebook. 2 for the center one for our Back-up Center.

15. Back-up Center – YES. We will have a back-up center. It has not been finalized as of yet. Once it has I will advise where it will be.


For those that are planning on coming to the new center, please make sure that your minimum state requirements are met. There will be additional training required and right now we have identified that as EMD & CPR certification. As discussed in the last User Committee Meeting, we are working on training a trainer for both of those and as soon as we have that set up we will contact everyone and get that scheduled. We have identified required course you will need for the new center … NIMS/FEMA Incident Command System courses (ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800).

Other News

I’m finally through attending budget meetings for this year. I will start again in February. All entities have passed the budget for 2016-2017 for the ECC. Thank you to everyone one that participated.

I’m back on track and working my way around to the different shifts at the departments to meet/greet each one of you. I was at the Sheriff’s Department a couple of weeks ago. I’m schedule to meet HPD’s evening shift and mid nights next week. I will try to get to Portland and the others the week after that. I appreciate everyone’s patience’s.

We are braining storming on how to get everyone cross-trained and transitioned over to the new center. We may create a Information Dispatcher position.. still throwing this around. This position supports the dispatcher for anything the officers need or request, responsible for, running people thought TCIC/NCIC and TCIC/NCIC entries throughout the shift (missing persons, warrants and such).

Mike Cook advised that the bid for wiring was placed on the state web site last week. We had 8 companies attend the meeting for additional information this week.

The 911 ECD is working diligently on securing the furniture and the new CAD upgrade for the center.

So… I think that is all I have right not. Once I know information, I will send it out in the next newsletter.

I’m excited to be a part of this great opportunity and look forward to working with each one of you.

Please feel free to contribute feed back, if this information is helpful or not.

If you have any question or anything you would like to add to the newsletter let me know.

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