Sumner County ECC
Newsletter Edition 1



SCECCThe new patch and logo design for the ECC.


This is the first countywide consolidated center for Sumner County.

The 9,000-square-foot center is being built to meet Federal Emergency Management Agency standards to withstand a direct hit from an EF5 tornado, the most severe, according to the Enhanced Fujita scale. The contractor’s estimated time of completion is schedule for November 2016. The county anticipates taking possession of the building in early 2017. Once possession is given we will start outfitting the interior for operations. Our goal is to be up and operating July 2017.

The Sumner County Consolidated Emergency Communications Center and Emergency Operations Center will handle all calls for service for the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Hendersonville, Gallatin, Portland, Westmoreland and Millersville police departments. This center will consolidate those centers and bring every discipline, Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement under one roof.

At this time all calls for service, flow into each individual police agency’s dispatch center then the operator would dispatch Officers to the scene. If Medical and/or Fire services were needed they would transfer to the appropriate agency for that particular function or service.

Once we bring this facility online, it will be greatly improve the efficiency in which emergency calls are managed. Our Telecommunicators will handle every call from start to finish. The shared effort, information, experience, training and resources to improve effectiveness, avoid duplication, improve communication and response times.
It is essential to improve communications and have a coordinated response throughout our county with the New ECC this will benefit all of our Public Safety and Emergency Service workers. We want to serve as a bridge between both the communities and agencies in an effort to maximize everyone’s potential. We plan to provide superior, effective, efficient and equitable services to all our citizens and first responders.

New Director is Hired for the ECC.

Rhonda Lea

Rhonda Lea

Rhonda Lea has been hired as the new ECC Director. Effective 07/18/16.

Hello everyone, I have meet some of you but not all give me time I will. I wanted to reach out to everyone at the different agencies to touch base and be able to put names to faces. I have been attending committee meetings (Operations, Building and Executive Board, User group, etc) to discuss the overall progress of the center. We have a lot of work ahead of us. I will need everyone’s help to make sure this is a successful project that we can be proud of, because this will be OUR center. The center will represent us and we will represent the center. I have requested email addresses of all the operators. My plan is to not only come around and meet everyone ( all shifts) but to try to put together a newsletter to better develop communications internally between us. We are Communication but as we all know, we lack in that department…the last to receive information needed, so I want to change that. So here is our first newsletter… may not be as long next time.

Several of you have asked questions, like what are the salary/benefits, shift hours, training, uniforms, how will the transition happen, etc,. We are in the process of answering or making the decision on how all the logistics will come into play.

As you all can understand, it does take time on these important questions and no one wants to rush and make a hasting decision then have to recant.

At this point in time, we are trying to finalize a budget because until then my hands are tied. The County Finance Dept is working vigilantly on gathering information from each department so they can calculate or determine how the salaries/benefits will positively work for the transition. The committees are looking into a staffing survey to see which direction we should go on shift hours, transitioning everyone to the new center when it is time.


I have been working with ECD 911 on training and consoles. Watson is the furniture vendor that was selected for the new consoles… let me say they are nice. You will be very pleased with the selection. I did visit Nashville Metro Airport’s new consolidated center (not operational yet) they have the same consoles we selected. So as I said, they are great looking consoles. I am also researching chairs to be purchased..24/7/365 is a must for the career you have chosen.

Below is a picture of the colors that have been picked out for the interior building.


Uniforms, I do favor a uniform in the center. A soft uniform is more adequate for Dispatch. Not to mention it looks professional, helps with unity, fosters pride not only in your work performance but in your personal appearance. In the process, of researching cost, availability and what is best for our center.

So… I think that is all I have right not. Once I know information, I will send it out in the next newsletter.

I’m excited to be a part of this opportunity and look forward to working with each one of you.

If you have anything you want to add or be apart of the newsletter let me know.

My email is