Sumner County ECC
Newsletter Edition 2

Inside the ECC walls

As you can see the building is coming along. Once the walls are completed, they will start on the floors.

The contractor’s estimated time of completion is still scheduled for November 2016. The county anticipates taking possession of the building in early 2017. Once possession is given we will start outfitting the interior for operations. Our goal is to be up and operating July 2017.


Here is the layout of the floor along with the consoles.
Thank you WATSON furniture for providing a rendering for us.

While this is not the exact model that we are getting, the video does show you some nice features that it has like the seated or standing positions. Additionally the units that we are looking at has built in heat and a fan.

New IT Director for the ECC.


Mike Cook has been hired as the new Information Technology Director. Effective 07/01/16. Mike comes from Sumner EMS and served as the Information Technology Director to EMS, EMA and E-911 for 15 years. Prior to that he worked on the ambulance as a Paramedic.

He brings a formal education in network engineering plus a wealth of experience dealing with 911 systems, CAD, mapping. telecommunications, and Multi-OS server management. We are extremely fortunate have him on our team.


cpr2For those that are planning on coming to the new center, please make sure that your minimum state requirements are met. There will be additional training required and right now we have identified that as EMD & CPR certification. As discussed in the last User Committee Meeting, we are working on training a trainer for both of those and as soon as we have that set up we will contact everyone and get that scheduled

Other News

As I stated in the last newsletter, We visited Nashville Metro Airport’s new consolidated center (not operational yet). We saw these chairs we really liked, I think you would too. They are 24/7/365 rated, top of the line chairs. So excited….We are still looking at them so nothing is finalize as of yet, keep your fingers crossed.

Below is a picture of the chair and the color.

Picture of the chair and the color.

We are still in the process of planning, so everything is still up in the air, so to speak. My center of attention has been primarily on our budget these last couple of weeks. Since there is no historical information, I’m starting from scratch. Attending different budget meetings to get one passed is the main focus. The cities officials are working diligently to take the information back to their legislators for approval. So, forgive me for not making it around…once this hurdle is jumped then I can get back on track to making my way around again.

General Orders, Policy/Procedures, SOP’s are being written as I type this newsletter. Once we have them established and finalized then we can start pushing them out to you. Ensuring you are aware of the changes that may be ahead.

Your present agencies are in the process of gathering employee information (names, training, etc.) and forwarding that to me for review. Majority have submitted theirs already… Thank you.

The plan is to cross-train everyone eventually to be able to rotate through the positions – Radio/Dispatch, Fire/EMS, Call-taker and a Relief position on a regular basis.

I am currently reviewing different schedules/shifts that would best work for operations and personnel in the new ECC.

So… I think that is all I have right not. Once I know information, I will send it out in the next newsletter.

I’m excited to be a part of this opportunity and look forward to working with each one of you.

Please feel free to contribute feed back, if this information is helpful or not.

If you have anything you want to add or be apart of the newsletter let me know.

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